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In-Line Drive Elevators

The in-line drive elevator system offers a simple, economical solution. It is a 2 HP geared direct drive electric motor. No machine room is required, making this a popular choice where space is a prime consideration. All of the drive components, including the controller box, can be mounted within the hoist-way. However, it is recommended that the controller, which can be located up to 50 feet away, be located outside of the hoist-way for easier service access. Manual lowering is accomplished either by use of the standard manual lowering hand wheel, or by use of the optional battery powered lowering. Another advantage of the in-line drive is that no hydraulic fluid is required and therefore there is no chance of a toxic leak.


  • Capacity – 750lbs, 1000lbs optional
  • 40′ per minute nominal car speed
  • Up to 6 stops, Maximum 6 landing doors
  • Maximum floor total travel of 50′
  • Pit depth of 8″ is recommended
  • Overhead clearance of 96″ (2440 mm) from upper landing with standard 84″ cab. 12″ of extra overhead must be added to locate the electrical control box at the top of the rails
  • Minimum distance between floors is 10″


  • Variable frequency drive for smooth start and stop
  • Two #60 AN SI Roller Chain Suspension
  • Heavy duty cantilever design utilizing 8lbs per foot steel elevator guide rail system
  • High Efficiency Helical reduction gear
  • Standard power supply is 230 VAC single phase – 60/50 Hz


  • Collective automatic operation with illuminated push buttons
  • PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) with backup system for lights, locks, gate and/or door operator(s) where equipped
  • Digital position indicator in cab
  • Automatic cab lighting
  • Emergency stop and alarm

Safety Features

  • Emergency manual lowering
  • Slack/broken chain instantaneous safety device
  • Upper and Lower terminal limit switches and a final limit at top and bottom of travel
  • Hoistway door interlocks ensure the car does not move unless all hall doors and cab gate(s) are closed and locked
  • Emergency light and alarm
  • UL and/or CSA certified electrical control system
  • Solid cab gate(s) with safety switch
  • Mechanical Over speed Governor with electronic detection
  • Car and Counterweight Over Travel Bumpers
  • Mechanically integrated fail safe brake system


  • Keyed hall stations
  • Recessed telephone box or integrated telephone in cab control panel
  • Automatic cab gate operator
  • Automatic hoistway door operator
  • Custom cab sizes and cab heights
  • Emergency Battery Lowering
  • Emergency Battery Back up