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Hydraulic Drive

  • Uses hydraulic piston to move the elevator cab
  • An additional machine room for the hydraulic tank and controller is required.
  • Provide an exceptionally smooth and quite ride


The hydraulic system offers premium ride quality, a sophisticated control system and quieter operation. A small area outside the elevator hoist-way is required to accommodate the controller and the hydraulic pump unit. This area can be adjacent to the elevator hoist-way or in a remote location. Another advantage to the hydraulic drive system is that manual lowering operations are much easier for those with limited strength or mobility. There is a manual lowering valve on the pump unit which allows the hydraulic fluid to drain from the cylinder, controlling the lowering of the cab in instances of power outages.


  • Rated load: Up to 1,500 lbs. where permitted by local codes
  • Nominal speed: 40 feet per minute
  • Elmira minimum pit depth: 8”
  • Elmira minimum overhead clearance: 96”
  • Heritage/Cambrian minimum pit depth: 12”
  • Heritage/Cambrian minimum overhead: 108”
  • Maximum travel: 50 feet
  • Maximum number of stops: 6
  • Three (3) year limited parts warranty


  • 220 VAC, 60 Hz, 30 Amp single phase power
  • 120 VAC, 60Hz, 15 Amp single phase power supply for lighting
  • Dual 8 lb. modular T-rail system
  • Two 3/8” diameter, 17 x 9 wire ropes
  • Sling assembly
  • Forged rope sockets
  • 2:1 roped hydraulic single stage cylinder
  • Submersed electric motor with 2-speed adjustable valve system
  • Elmira 80mm piston
  • Heritage/Cambrian 90mm piston
  • Code compliant electrical disconnects included

Cab and Appointments

  • Car size: Up to 15sq
  • Cab Height: 84” standard, 96”
  • Recessed LED Lighting
  • Multiple Interior wall panel selections


  • Microprocessor controller with relays for basic operation
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Automatic timed cab lighting
  • Stainless steel car operating panel (COP), telephone box and hall call stations
  • Dual illuminated hall call station push buttons and position indicating push buttons on COP
  • Emergency stop switch on COP
  • Remote Monitoring (real time self-monitoring technology)

Safety Features

  • 220 VAC lockable disconnect for power unit
  • Single floor designated car homing
  • LED/dot matrix Digital Position Indicator (DPI)
  • Car lighting supply disconnect
  • Final limit switch
  • Slack rope safety switch
  • Pit stop switch
  • Car top stop switch
  • In-car emergency stop switch and alarm
  • Line rupture valve
  • Low pressure switch
  • Automatic leveling (anti-creep)
  • Emergency battery lowering
  • Electro-mechanical door interlocks
  • Light curtain monitoring the car entrance
  • Manual lowering device
  • Stainless steel handrail in cab (1.5″ flat)
  • Key switch for hall calls
  • Telephone in cab


  • Custom cab sizes/heights. Oversized cabs where permitted (variance may be required)
  • Unfinished oak, maple or cherry solid hardwood /face frame hardwood cab walls and ceiling
  • Stainless steel patterned cab walls and ceiling
  • Custom finish elevator fixtures (COP, telephone box and hall call stations) in choice of plating finishes: Brushed brass, oil rubbed bronze, polished stainless, brushed nickel, consult factory for additional choices.
  • Green material alternatives and finishes for car interiors
  • Two piece hydraulic jack
  • Additional handrails in cab
  • LED/dot matrix Digital Position Indicator (DPI) hall call stations on landings (optional characters)
  • Veneer and decorative metal wrapped sliding door panels(Heritage/Cambrian)
  • Buffer springs
  • 6 pin LED spotlights
  • Hand wave call station
  • Numeric keypad
  • Sabbath mode
  • 2 stop auto-cycling