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Stiltz Home Lifts

Port City Elevator, Inc. carries a full line of residential elevators, platform lifts, dumbwaiters, stairlifts, and accessibility equipment, and our service area is throughout the Coastal Carolinas. Port City Elevator, Inc. also offers the Stiltz Home Lift, a well-known brand and the first lift of its kind in the United States. This more affordable elevator / home lift option can provide all the accessibility you need with minimal cost, and these lifts can easily be fitted almost anywhere in your home or business with relative ease. Live independently in your own home, or enable your customers to freely access all floors with this compact, affordable and innovative lift solution.

A Home Lift that Fits Almost Anywhere

Discover the ease of accessibility to other floors of your home with a Stiltz Home Lift. This home lift can be installed with minimal costs and relative ease almost anywhere in your home. Because of its compact design, it will not require large amounts of space or major construction.

Surprisingly Affordable, Easy and Simple to Install

When you compare the cost of installing a Stiltz Home Lift to the cost of buying a new single-story home and moving all your belongings, the answer is clear: the home lift is a surprisingly affordable option. It allows you to stay in your current property while empowering you to live independently. Compared to larger elevators, the Stiltz Home Lift is less expensive, requires less square footage and fewer home modifications. There is no need to build a shaft and, in most cases, the lift can be installed in as little as three days. Also, this unit uses very little power and can run off a standard wall socket.

Trio Elevator Lift for Wheelchair Accessibility

The Stiltz “Trio Home Lift” is an ideal solution for those who plan to use the lift to accommodate wheelchairs or multiple passengers. We carry two types of Stiltz Home Lifts: the Duo and the Trio. The Duo carries one or two people comfortably, while the Trio carries two to three people, or accommodates a standard wheelchair, scooter or powerchair.

Quiet, Smooth Operation and Safe Transport

The Stiltz Home Lift offers quiet, smooth operation and transports its passengers in secure comfort to every floor of the home or building.

If you are looking for a Carolina home lift company within your area requirements and budget, you may have found the right option with the Stiltz Home Lift. At Port City Elevator, Inc., we design and install elevators for homes, light commercial properties, schools and churches. With more than three decades of combined experience, our expert team can help design and develop the ideal solution for all your accessibility needs. Give us a call or contact us for a quote to discuss your options and free yourself to access every area of your property with safety, ease, style and comfort.